Authentic Luxxe Renew (60 Capsules)

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Buy authentic Luxxe Renew 60 capsules from an authorized FrontRow distributor. Free shipping anywhere in the Philippines.


Luxxe Renew is a combination of these 8 free radical scavengers:

✔ Acai Berry Extract 100mg
✔ Goji Berry Extract 100mg
✔ Mangosteen Extract 100mg
✔ Pomegranate Extract 100mg
✔ Noni Fruit Extract 100mg
✔ Cranberry Extract 50mg
✔ Blueberry Extract 25mg
✔ Blackberry Extract 25mg

Total: 600mg per capsule

Here are some of the health benefits of Luxxe Renew:

✔ bolsters immunity
✔ fights cancer
✔ combats aging
✔ aids weight loss
✔ boosts fertility
✔ lowers blood pressure
✔ helps reduce cholesterol
✔ stabilizes blood sugar
✔ reduces arthritis and joint pain
✔ detoxifies the body
✔ improves acne
✔ combats inflammation and allergies
✔ protects eyes from age-related diseases
✔ improves vision
✔ helps digestion
✔ boosts energy and mood
✔ natural aphrodisiac
✔ fights bacterial infections
✔ prevents parasitic diseases


FrontRow prohibits their distributors from selling Luxxe products on, and other online selling websites. There have been numerous complaints from customers purchasing Luxxe products from the aforementioned websites.

Fake Luxxe products may be contaminated or contain the wrong or no active ingredient at all.
Consumers must be careful in buying health and beauty products. Purchase only from authorized distributors of FrontRow products.

I am legit seller of Luxxe Slim. Please click here to see the copy of my FrontRow membership form.

You might ask, why am I selling Luxxe Slim below the Suggested Retail price? A lot of sellers will tell you that if you see Luxxe products offered below the SRP, it is fake or expired. However, there are also sellers, and I am one of them, who choose to sell them below the SRP because that’s the fastest way to sell our products online. Besides, as a FrontRow member, we are entitled to 50% discount on all Luxxe products so earning a few hundreds pesos for each of them is not a bad thing at all.
To prove to you that I AM NOT A SCAMMER/COUNTERFEITER, please go to ‘Testimonials’ and ‘Proof of Shipment’ pages.

Contact the Seller:

Mobile #: +63 977 012 5562 (SMS / iMessage / Viber / WhatsApp)
Messenger: @arismoreno11
Business Hours: Monday - Friday, 10AM - 6PM (offline on Holidays)

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